Cold Turkey–Choose your poison



Quitting smoking all those years ago was easy, but I still crave ciggies today for some reason. Quitting other things was harder.

Try quitting any psych drug except Prozac which has an incredibly long half-life and will not give too much withdrawal.

When I was 16 I quit Stelazine after I ran away from the hosptial on pass. I was a nervous wreck. I was scared of getting caught and having to go back, but it was more. After only 3 weeks I was clear of it due to a young metabolism. The day I realized I was free of the drug I felt happy for the first time in over a year. Sadly I went back on it (only once in awhile LOL) as part of the “agreement” to stay out of the lockup hospital.

I’ve tried to quit coffee twice. The first time it was easy and I would have stayed off coffee but I became so lazy that even I knew I had to drink coffee again.  I quit it another time by tapering off and was off it for 6 weeks but when I went to the health food store and bought a 7 dollar jar of instant fake coffee my friend knocked it over and broke the jar and fako coffee all over.  OK God,  I bet that’s a message from You I need to drink coffee….

Trying to quit Paxil was hell and I had to go back on.  I didn’t kick Paxil until I had a new replacement drug.  Quitting Lexapro was Hell and I tapered off it really slow without a huge withdrawal after trying to do it Cold Turkey.  After that, I felt like shit, though.  I was prescribed More Drugs.

Quitting listening to Rock Music was hard.  I used to get all my anger out listening to the music and fantasize to it.  I was miserable for a long time.  I’ve tried to quit carbs only to get:

  1. Weak
  2. Sick
  3. Hungry all the time

The bread still stays.

I quit meat for the most part for about a year.  I got anemia.

If the Big War comes we will all be quitting everything at once.  It will be a meltdown of almost everyone on the planet.


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