Lunch today

Today again I had breakfast for lunch as I got up so late it was lunchtime. Cake and berries and strong coffee with milk. I have no dishes left. I need to get off my lazy rear end and do them. Dinner is the same but I will melt cheeze on tortillas. Oh wow. I wish someone would take me out to dinner then come home and wash my dishes and leave.

3 thoughts on “Lunch today

  1. Next give us a massage. Then run our bath water. Why make them leave. It would be nice for someone to do something for us for once. Dont you agree?


    • Yeah a massage. I watch this massage lady on You Tube sometimes. Her customers are clothed and there is no hanky panky. Just watching is relaxing. I’m a shower person but do take an occasional soak. Reading a great book now: don’t want to risk drowning it.


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