My style Roflmao

Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.

Clothing style: jeans in various states of ragginess, long and short sleeve t shirts, boots…look like a bum.  Wear hoodies under coats in winter.  I have a few skirts if anyone wants to do another “experiment” in modesty again with me.

I talk like trash but without all the bad words.  I sound more trashy than I write.  It pissed off my stuck up mother to no end.

My hair is a mess since I’m afraid to get it cut at the salon where the stylists seem to look more satanic all the time.  I have grown it to shoulder length and trim it myself.  I don’t think it grows much more than that.

I eat like it’s feeding time at the zoo.  I try to be more polite at restaurants.

I like to wear makeup sometimes, sometimes not.  I love nail polish but let myself pretty much run out during these last few years.  I need more.

My style in music was heavy metal, progressive metal and some hard rock and progressive rock.

Now it’s gospel.  I was yelled at by a minister that I needed to get the rock out of my life or I would not get better.  So I did.  Am I better?  Not much, just more drugged.


2 thoughts on “My style Roflmao

    • They all just left me after awhile. Now things are getting bad like they did before 2011. I just know if I get back listening to rock I will backslide and it will be the last time.


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