One Cold November Day

no senseShare the story of a time you felt unsafe.

A few years ago I was obessed to walking the entire length of an urban walking trail a few miles at a time. I found a fondness for the north end of the trail as it had fewer people and more wildlife.

It was a mild November day, about 55, but a front was coming in. I was not dressed properly. It was sufficient for 55 but not 25.

In November, the days are short and I got to the end of the trail when it was getting dark. There was some kind of city open space area with outdoor toilets there and I had to go.

Too bad there was a creepy evil-looking man that sat in the parking lot. The thought, “killer”, came to my mind when I saw him. I went into the toilet with fear thinking he would come in or wait for me outside in the dark and the cold as the wind was blowing and the front was coming in.

I left the toilet and the man was still sitting in his car.  I walked away.  First hurdle passed.  Now, I had to worry about the weather.  55 and sunny had been replace by 25 and snowy and there was no bus route this far out of town.

I started walking.  I found bus stops later but did not know if the buses that served them had stopped running or not.  The one stop I knew I could get a bus at night was about 4 miles away.  I walked on.  I got coffee at a fast food place a couple of miles down and continued my walk.  It was very dark with snow flurries and the road went up and down hill.  I felt very alone.

Finally I hit the part of the road where you run into the bar and the grocery store.  At Denny’s, you are finally there, at the stop where buses run at night.  A bus came, but it was not a bus home.  It only took me a little closer to home and then I would have to transfer to another bus to go home.

When I got there I realized only one more bus was coming and it was 40 minutes away.  I danced around in the cold and the bus finally came.  It was 9:30 pm.  I could have been stuck out all night in the cold.

I did a lot of idiotic things on my walks during those years.  I got caught in violent thunderstorms, harassed by men, missed another bus and DID spend the night outside, got soaked with rain and ended up sick…the list goes on.  The walks made me get into some kind of shape though and I miss that.  As ti’s we have to be strong and not weak.


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