i_am_the_bad_guy Laughing SSAs a ti, I guess (unfortunately) this topic is familiar….

ooooh boy here’s the Daily Prompt

Evil is so many things to me but the root of evil is deception.  The evil ones appear to be sweet and then sweetly tell lies with a bit a truth.  The evil ones are like pills:  they have a brightly colored sweet coating but are filled with bitterness.  Unlike a pill, however, there is very little benefit in evil.

The evil people always steal.  They will steal your things, your job, your reputation, and finally your freedom all in the name of opression.  The evil hunts out victims that cannot fight back nor get anyone to fight back for them.  Evil men search out vulnerable children for their disgusting desires.  The perv always finds the child with no friends.  Evil parents know how to control and manipulate their victims–their children!!!

The evil people always twist things around:  whether it’s simple facts that become more self serving as the evil one twists it, or even the Word of God to serve their evil desires and ensnare people into servitude.  Religious authority figures also look for vulnerable members of the population to oppress.  Spiritual abuse is real in cults and even in regular churches.

Evil is fear.  It is fear of helping the oppressed because they may lose something in the bargain.  Evil is fear of becoming the target as well.  Evil is willing to maintain the status quo at any cost–even if he or she has to give up certain of their OWN personal freedoms.  Evil is fear of the unknown and unwillingness to help someone who is not exactly like them.  Evil runs with the pack.

Evil is self-absorption.  It’s an “all about me” attitude that pervades culture today.  It is a sense of entitlement.  Evil is vain and very concerned about how things look on the outside.  The evil one worships themselves as a god, not God.  The evil one thinks he or she always knows better and there is nothing left to learn. Evil will sometimes worship another person or idolize them over God if they do not have the arrogance to worship themselves.

Evil sometimes gives, but only when the voices of guilt and self-condemnation take over to the point where the evil one must give something in order to quiet the misery of self induced guilt.  Evil does not freely give just to see the recipient happy or relieved.  The gift is an agreement, a deal.  Maybe it’s a payment to God against all the evil that has been done.  Giving to merely give is an alien concept.  All giving must to to “get”.

Most of all evil is banality.

Banality is ordinary or usual or boring.  Mostly, evil is banal.  It’s the usual everyday state of things.  It’s complacency.  Wanting to go along to get along.  It’s looking at people being abused and running away.  It’s not being shocked at it anymore but accepting it as a way of life.  It is accepting that “that person” gets targeted but “I” will do nothing about it as I desire to live a “pleasant” life and maintain my status quo.  It’s thinking nothing of joining in every once in awhile as it is “nothing”.  The target is not even human.  It’s just a bit of “fun”, who cares if the target is traumatized?  Evil does not see its desserts coming.  Evil lives for today not tomorrow.

One day evil will be held accountable for its crimes.

We all contain evil.  We were born into sinful flesh.  We must repent now and turn our lives around before it’s too late–even us ti’s.


13 thoughts on “Eviiillll

      • Yes we all need to repent. True repentence mean ‘turning away from’. Perps know nothing about this. They gang stalk & do street theatre mon.-sat., repent on sun. Then start the week with the same ignorant behavior. Swearing they are Christians & TIs are atheist or racist. God help us all.


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