Sorry for not writing so long.  It seems I read the Prompts and I’m out of ideas and if I have one I”m afraid it reveals too much information.  I don’t know if it’s the medication but it seems as if my “muse” is gone for writing.  The joy I used to get from writing is gone. 

The perps are still around of course.  Somehow they have managed to take my only friend and make her believe a lie so unbelievable I’m surprised they never came up with it before.  She hates me now and it could be for keeps.

The title of this post is ID as in state ID.  I just got my State ID in the mail today, you know, the one you need to cash checks and produce at Food Stamps, etc..I decided to compare my current ID with the one I had ten years ago.  Ten years ago, I was a ti but did not know it yet.  I was getting perped but still had a few happy moments.  I thought my problems would end someday.

On both photos I weigh about the same (this time about 20 lb less in reality because I lied last time and I have lost weight) but the photos are shocking.  In the old photo I appear fat and my dyed black hair a bit disheveled but I have a mischievious smile on my face and appear young.  I wear no make up.  I look friendly.  I have a tan from walking.

On this photo, taken a couple of weeks ago, I look old and sad.  I’ve aged for sure but my eyes look tired and dead as well.  My hair is groomed in this one and I wear makeup yet my hair looks dull and lifeless where in the old photo it shone.  Even though I weigh a bit less my face looks fuller.  I look half dead in this one.  I look like a person who’s bereaved.  My face is pale because I’m afraid to walk anymore alone.

Thanks perps.


6 thoughts on “ID

  1. I know what you mean when you say you looked bereaved. I got dress for work today in bright colors (white shirt/blue pants not my usual brown) and felt like i was going to a funeral. How I cheered myself up you ask -With thoughts about the recompense TIs will received when perps are brought to justice. I also think about if this is the dayJesus returns. This really makes me smile. I would finally be able to rest. Keep writing dcms – we need each other. Your words help so many.


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