How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

My biggest fashion accessory is now..holes.  Most of my “clothes” come from Wally World and are pretty junky.  I hear you can nab some nice stuff at clothing banks in rich neighborhoods but have not tried it myself.  My mother was a fashion snob and I think I ended up going the other way.

Growing up I used to be concerned with what was in style and tried to dress like the others but gave up in college and wore what was comfortable…jeans and t shirts.  Earlier on, I tried to look “preppy” and even tried for a brief time to look “punk” with odd colored hair. Later on, I tried to look Goth (LOL) with black hair and fingernails and a huge jeweled cross and tons of makeup. Fail. If I had the time, money and freedom I would probably dress in jeans and t shirts still just nicer ones. I would own a few dresses as well. I bought a few skirts a few years ago when I wanted to be “modest” and try wearing skirts only. It only lasted a week. The perps took the skirts as a come on and started propositioning me. I feel safest in pants. I wear too many tank tops and other tops with holes that certain felines have made. I’m too poor to replace my clothes.

So far, this year all I’ve bought is one long sleeved fall top. I made a trip to the Thrift Store to buy some stuff at lower prices and ended up with 3 jeans and 3 tops. One top mysteriously got lost on the bus ride home and the other 2 fit…one is a bit tight and the other is too low cut. The jeans…well, one pair was small as I mistook its size and the other two fit, snugly, but have embroidery on the pockets that are in the “wrong” color according to the perps. One pair has so much blue embroidery on the back I tie a jacket on to cover it up when I wear them the other pair I’ve taken a risk and worn without a covering jacket.

If I was free I’d wear more styled clothing and allow myself to indulge in a fad sometimes. I’d own a leather jacket and a Colombia parka. I’d wear Doc Martens for casual or flip flops when it’s hot. I’d also own special shoes for working out.

I might also own a few skirts and dresses, not like the long dark stuff I bought, that are cute and could be used on social (hahahaha) occasions.  Nothing above the knee.

I think I’d belong to a sort of fashion type that dresses sort of dramatically without making a scene. Standing out without being an asshole. Classic styles with a little extra punch.

Of course, if I worked I could be stuck at a job where I wore a uniform so on my off days I would be wearing the schmattes.  Styled by cat.


6 thoughts on “Schmattes!

  1. T-shirt & jeans are all I wear too. The perps don’t want us looking better than them. That’s why they steal & put holes in our clothes. They need to get a life & stop worrying about mine.


    • I stopped worrying about having nice clothes when I realized I had nowhere to wear them. Before the targetting really took hold there were family holidays, etc to dress up for.


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