But it would be cold there…

End of the world
End of the world

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would go stay in a tiny city on the coast of East Greenland called Tasiilaq.  There is only about 2000 people there but they have all the essential services.  They have to.  There are no roads in East Greenland.  You have to travel by boat, dog sled, plane, or foot.  I would hope this would put some perps off who value their cars and being able to go by unrecognized in a big city.

Tasiilaq is beautiful with all the homes/apartments painted bright colors.  In summer there are great wildflowers and hikes that are the best on the planet.  There are a few trees planted in gardens and sheltered parts of Southern Greenland but not many in Tasiilaq.

I’d love to “get away from it all” and have a home outside of Tasiilaq.  I do not know if the winter and the darkness would get to me.  In the dead of winter they have like 2 hours of twilight and probably below zero temps every day.

Greenland is a protectorate of Denmark so they are “European” in a way even though they are fighting to get independent.  There are only 58,000 people in all of Greenland.  I’m sure the mile around this apt contains that many people.  Because Greenland is associated with Europe there might be “perping” there.  At least you can get away from it all.  I think camping is free for all wherever you want to camp without rules and fees.

The money tourist people have “discovered” Greenland so it won’t be unspoiled for long.  Global Warming supposedly is moderating their climate so more tourist may come in the future due to this.

I used to watch Northern Exposure with awe until I found out there were perps in Alaska and I tossed my TV.

3 thoughts on “But it would be cold there…

    • TV is mind control. I think most of it comes from the ads that flash by so fast. Also the family values of TV characters has diminished. Also watching TV makes you covet things you can’t have. I can see a little TV from You Tube but I don’t make it a habit. YOU???


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