One prompt, at last.

Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind

Lots of times I read prompts but refuse to do them because I feel as if I’m giving too much information to the perps by answering the prompt.  Here’s a prompt that isn’t too personal:

I picked up the nearest book, the Bible, and where I opened the text, I forgot book and chapter, the word was “of”. What can I do with that?

God? or the perps are saying I can’t even read my Christian novels anymore. This time I could not tell if the Holy Spirit or high tech was talking to me. I know the perps want to strip me of all pleasures. I gave up all video games because I thought God wanted me to. My life was being made hard by just playing one game a day for an hour or so.  Perping decreased when I gave it up.  All I got to do with novels was read 50 pages a day of a Christian novel 6 days a week and now I can’t do it anymore apparently.  I also apparently cannot work crossword puzzles anymore. Sounds more like the perps trying to make sure all my time is devoted to them, but I’m not sure.

Back tp the word “of”.

First image????


You are kidding right?  I am the Rightless One.  I cannot even choose the clothes I wear.  Now the perpotraitors are telling me what color BAG I can carry if I want to tote things around.  Got some red cloth grocery bags at Target.  First they got perps wearing “my” clothes carrying red bags running around and people wearing red t shirts, THEN they put a red paper gift bag in the front yard with a dirty old cap in it.  It’s a threat.  Again.  I’m a total slave.  What rights?

They told me this morning over the oh so convenient Voice to Skull that they were God and I could not wear sleeveless tank tops anymore or he would “leave” me because they were not “modest”.  What, are the perps the Taliban, also?

They keep taking away and I never know 100% that it’s NOT God speaking as He allows them to “punish” me for infractions.  This Bible commentary I’m reading said God is allowing people to go through trials if He thinks they are not humble enough and He gives them trials to bring them down from pride.  How low do I have to go?  This stuff has been following me around since age 3.

7 thoughts on “One prompt, at last.

  1. God is not punishing or trying to humble you. He loves You DCMS. Man is abusing the knowledge God gave them. Jesus took our place on the cross & is our repeptuation for sin. Jesus is now our High Priest so God sees us as Christ-Rightous. So continue to love God and pray for Justice to be done here on earth.


  2. They do the color thing to me, too, but I pay no attention. It is not God torturing you, it is government perps. Wear, do and eat what you want. God is not punishing you. You’ve done nothing, so stop feeling guilty about things you haven’t done.


    • Back in 2008 to 2010 I tried to do whatever I wanted and they took me down. I read books for hours a day, listened to the worst heavy metal music, put on black nail polish and hair color–I was a sight. Then I tried to wear my forbidden colors. Hell broke loose for merely wearing an all blue t shirt one day.
      They can stuff the false guilt: I will only feel guilty if I’m doing something sinful and wrong. So they snake-like insinuate themselves into my mind to pretend to be God to get me to do what THEY want me to do even if it’s not a sin or wrong in any way. I read about 10 pages of book yesterday and felt guilty. Damned perps.


    • I do say the Name of Jesus and it gets some to back off. I like my Bible Commentary. It’s done by a Puritan 300 years about before the degradation of morals in modern times. I do think God puts us through this or lets it happen for a reason but I still hate it.


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