What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

I don’t want to be famous or even rich. I want to create the blog post that will go viral and put the cause of ti’s out there so it cannot be ignored any more. NO more tin foil hats and being called crazy.  No more false psych diagnoses.

The sleeping sheeple know it’s going on but need forcible waking, quickening– to really see it for what it is and to know it is not acceptable for themselves or for others to go through this. Lives are being destroyed and sucked up through thin air into nothing by these programs. Even when a famous writer, Gloria Naylor, wrote about this, she slid into obscurity. I’m sure she never went back onto Oprah.

I think people like their chains and slavery and make a deal with themselves that it’s better this way than the other–as in they themselves being a target. The moral and ethical issues go right past them. They are non religious and amoral creatures dedicated to the love and pampering of self.  Their parents were the same way.  It was all about “me”, the “me” decade.  People raised in the 80s and later don’t even get what’s wrong.

Plus, if you are free, you have to make decisions and get involved in life…no one has time anymore.  Everyone is a single parent, or working 2 jobs, or is addicted to World of Warcraft.

Even Alex Jones pooh poohed it on his show.  He invalidated the experience of thousands if not millions of listeners…but he knows where his bread is buttered.  See his video response to a question on it.  What a joke.  People used to be automatically banned from his forum for bringing up gangstalking.

The religious act interested at first until they realize they become targets by helping targets.

I wonder what I’d be like if I were on the other side.  Would I care about targets?  Would I call them crazy?  Would I avoid even visiting the target sites like the plague for fear of “catching it”?  Would a perp recruit me to harass a neighbor after showing me a gussied up fake file?  Would I be afraid not to do it?  What if my relative became a target????

I am of the opinion people in this country are living in fear and debt barely running in place floating on a pillow of sugar, caffeine and psych drugs along with TV and rock music.  If they saw reality the govt would need to requisition 300 million syringes full of Thorazine all ready to shoot as everyone would go completely mad.


5 thoughts on “Successful???

  1. This post is AWESOME. You are writing the Truth. Time is up. Time to wake up from their sugar & tv coma. Please repost this & send to some other websites, newspapers.


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