School Daze

Another degreeof whatfriesschool semester will soon begin. If you’re in school, are you looking forward to starting classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it — or are you glad those days are over?

After 5 1/2 years I completed college and realized I had really learnt nothing. I had a few facts about history and had read some stuff from England but really knew nothing that would get me a job in the real world unless I went to graduate school.It was a Liberal Arts waste.  I had no energy to start that as the gangstalking was already wearing me out plus my parents were putting pressure on to find a job–any job–thereby denying me time to look for one I was qualified for. I took the Civil Service exam and did not too well. I applied with the State and the City too. Nothing. I applied all over town and ended up “temping” and getting abused by the customers and temp agency.  I started to attend classes to train for a trade and sometimes I would get a job for a year or two and that would be it.  I tried to take the GRE to get into graduate school and did well, but not good enough.  I tried only once to get into graduate school and failed.  My life was already too stressful at the time dealing with gangstalking, poverty and chronic illness.  After that, I trained to be a line cook, got a job that lasted the requisite 2 years then nothing.  At the same time I slaved night shift at McDonalds and on weekends or gave out hot dogs at the ballpark After the one cook position I got, I temped, and even though I cooked before, all I could get was dishwashing or banquet server jobs.  I even tried to drive a school bus but lost my job to a big fat bully in the lunchroom of the bus service.  I even worked at my old school as a temp cashier at the bookstore. My last unsheltered job was a second “sentence” at McDonalds until one day I went in and was fired without warning.  I was getting abused by the customers all the time anyway.  I did not know the customers were perping me and enjoying themselves at my expense.  I thought I must suck, my work must suck, I must be nuts…etc.  After trying to get on at another McDonalds I finally quit the job world and applied for benefits.  I had a few sheltered jobs after that made miserable by perps but that’s it.  Even volunteer work does not pan out.  The perps have destroyed any way I could make a living.

School was a waste in that I should have been working and enjoying myself in those last few years before targetting.  I had no idea this would be my life although hints were placed as far back as preschool.


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