What bores you?

Braggarts. I cannot stand when people brag and brag. Mostly it ends up not being true but a way to deceive me into thinking they are better than they are and to build up my trust of them. Minutes become hours as braggarts go over the accomplishments of themselves and their children.  I especially loathe those who brag about how much religion they have.  It’s always false and leads to the person doing something to me because my guard was down because of the alleged “religion”.  Show my your religion don’t tell me about it.

The very worst is when they bring out the pictures of their ugly children/grandchildren etc..and say now isn’t she BEAUTIFUL or isn’t he HOT? You have to agree or else.

The next worse are flatterers. You just KNOW you are being set up and if you don’t accept their wildly untrue compliments you are rude and a boor.


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