Childhood Dreams

When I was young I wanted to be an ornithologist and study birds. Later, I wanted to be a meteorologist and do weather on TV. After college I decided to be a librarian like my mother was but that dream was derailed. Even if I had been a librarian I would have hated being in a post 9/11 library where patrons are spied upon. I have been spied upon at the Library even in the shelves. Today’s library is mostly a place where the poor or homeless go to use the computer for email to watch You Tube or play games. The library is full of troublemakers. Books are in the background.

They still produce books but now it is easy to order a book online or even “check out” an e book from the library from your own computer. The mystery and freedom of the old library is all gone.

Thanks 9/11.


2 thoughts on “Childhood Dreams

    • My mother told me how wonderful being a librarian was and how the library was a bastion of freedom. Not now. I have been followed and watched by PLAINCLOTHES guards in libraries WATCHING what I was reading and reporting it. I only go to the library once in awhile now.


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