Schooled like a fish

Today’s Daily Prompt: If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?  Today’s schools indoctrinate rather than educate and produce slightly educated dummies back into society, but, without the piece of paper its impossible to get ahead unless you have a friend or relative who will let you apprentice under them.  No one ever cared to take me under their wing at work:  I was always given the stupidest and easiest tasks so I could be gotten rid of easier…I was almost always fired or pressured into quitting.  The best school is the Bible but it won’t get you a job, not even in a church…

I could think of a few things to study but all study is wasted unless applied. I had a post on my old blog on what I would do if I was ever “free” again (if such a thing even exists). I decided to go back and learn baking and open a bakery in a small town and I would live in a cabin far out of town and spend time in nature when I was off work not in a stinking city (where I am on perpose).  The electronic oppression is greatest in city centers.  There is an antenna on one of the buildings that is like 100 feet high.

I also wanted to be a librarian because that USED to be the last bastion of “freedom” but now guards watch the patrons (they even have UNDERCOVER GUARDS) and even watch what you look at off the shelf. Every thing you check out is reported to the govt if you are a ti, especially. My mother waxed poetic at the power of the free lending library and what a wonderful place it was. She died long before 9/11.  Would she be disgusted at what goes on now or would she crumble and accept their “new normal”..piss on them.

I often thought about being a doctor or a nurse to take care of people to “serve others” to give back to God and because I think I’m smarter than what pass as “doctors” today, mere toadies and slaves to the government and insurance companies and drug companies. I have found a laziness in them that is disturbing.    A lot of doctoring is having discernment and a hunch of what is going on and these little idiots don’t have one brain in their head as they spent school years partying and drugging and only studying for tests.  How they pass the internship/residency in the hospital is a mystery to me.  On TV they socialize a lot and seem to put patients second.

The fourth one is weird. I would love to be a detective, to help those who have no other help get the help they need to save them from those who harass them and threaten them. To save those whom the police ignore and fluffs off. To deliver the miserable back into life and take the oppressor to their punishments. Take the oppressors off the pleasure couch and deliver the victims off the bed of thorns.

I would love to own a home and open it to REAL victims not police stooges. I had one of those phonies, I will not take another stranger in again. People who are being entrapped in their lives and have nowhere else to go.  Homeless, or even worse in a nest of hostile “neighbors” tracking their every movement and cursing every hour of their day.