Used to get outta here

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.


The furthest I’ve been from home is….Scotland.  I went the year I got targetted, right before it began.  It was a graduation gift from my Grandma for graduating college.   My sister netted two cars and a trip to the Middle East for graduating HS and college.  I was happy to get anything.  It was kind of a shitty tour because most of it was seen from a bus and anything really fun or interesting was “extra” and my Grandma was not willing to pay an extra (exhorbitant) 45 pounds to see the Crown Jewels in London or to go eat Haggis in Scotland.  (not Kosher anyway).  Any side trip was extra.  If we got off the bus to see any attraction there was always a “gift shop” at the end…I got so tired of seeing the inevitable gift shops and all the crowds. Scotland was a little better:  the people were not rude and I got to climb this tower.  It was so narrow at the top only one person could go by.  It was sort of scary.  We also went to a lake in Scotland and saw Sir Walter Scott’s home.  Also we stayed in a small city besides Edinburgh (where we had a nice hotel for once) that coincidentally I had a regular on my blog that was from there.  He lived in the poor area of town and was perped all to hell.  They had some kind of wool mill there.

I felt perped in the small Northern city of Chester.  It was considered to be one of the “first” shopping malls as the ancient city had a two tiered shopping area.

I noticed a man in the crowd that seemed to be keeping track of me.  That year and the year before a few “odd” things had happened to me but nothing alarming.  It wasn’t until the late Fall of that year that I noticed that large group of much older people observing me like I was an animal in a cage at the local coffee shop that I went to to escape home, do homework and write letters (on paper!).

I have never really been anywhere since then.  I have mostly kept within 100 miles of my city (I call it the Prison) since then. I went to visit a person I thought was a ti about 100 miles away.  I have been to a small town maybe 150 miles away on a wildlife tour last year but it was only one night.

There was one exception:  I took one miserable SHORT trip to see my sister about a decade ago.  I spent most of the time in the hotel.  We did do Sabbath Dinner, that was the highlight of the trip.  I was never asked back, and, since 2005, we have not talked much and none since about 2008.

I don’t want to go as far as Scotland, but I want to explore the American Wilderness and camp all over the Rockies in multiple states, hike the Appalachian Trail and go deep into the desert to try and lost the perps. LOL.  I still want the magic cabin where only the people I want to come see me can come.  Literally, though, I would cross the Universe to escape the perps.

Lately, they have been all over me.

2 thoughts on “Used to get outta here

    • Well, then I didn’t miss much? Good. I also went to S. Florida for the last time in 1992. You said you lived there. I might have seen you and not known it. I was only there for 5 days the last time. You said on your blog that your perps seem to have disappeared? Well, they must have come here. It’s so bad now it’s like 2010 all over again. Seeing police cars all the time now as well, except today. They are acting like they don’t want me to leave my apt as well. I feel as if I’m in prison.


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