Equality My Ass!

I don’t watch TV but…this story is all over…

Just this week I have heard how celeb chef Paula Deen’s life is getting destroyed because she allegedly said N*gg* 30 years ago in PRIVATE.  Every one of her endorsements have stopped.  It’s almost like she’s become…targetted.  If everyone who has uttered a racial epithet in the US was rounded up no one would be left.  The first thing I thought when I heard of this was that why should I feel so sorry for a rich star and she had better have some money set aside because she may never rise again.  If she becomes a target even her family will leave her and she may end up in the alley going thru the trash or on some back ward of a mental hospital.

Some bitter old bitch who used to work for one of her restaurants has come forth to destroy this chef because Deen’s brother used to SEXUALLY HARASS her and used porn at the job.  I was sexually harassed at a food service job, but I was SCARED to report the perpetrator.  I caught my English teacher with porn at his desk at my Middle School.  Maybe he’s my original perp…LOL

The sly little snake decided to play the race card even though she was white and got other people who have worked for Deen to gang up on her and relay awwwfuuul things about her.  OK the idea of a Plantation themed party with only Black employees was weird, but, COME ON, the whole world is jumping on this Deen’s who is already 66, and can’t handle the stress, ass.

I remember hearing racial epithets even at the dinner table in my family home.  My father never used them at work since he dealt with all kinds of people but in PRIVATE, our homes were our castles and NO ONE was to judge us there.  We were secure in our property and papers and no one bugged the phones or opened the mail.

So let me get this right:  this woman who has spent her life working for a fortune (who knows maybe she’s a rotten bitch and a perp) has her entire life destroyed because she used the N word 30 years ago????  30 years ago you still heard it, from WHITES.  Usually in private but it occurred.  What I find scary is how everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon to get her!  It’s the mob mentality in the country.  How easy it is to target a poor little ti without money and lawyers!  This woman is worth what? a billion?  and she cannot defend herself from political correctness and liberal disease.  Having Obama in office and this stuff now makes me want to be a Republican, something I swore in my teens that I’d never do.

Even Al Sharpton is saying to back off.

I remember when I was kid that Blacks and others sought equality in this country, the “freest” and the “richest” on Earth.  It wasn’t enough.  Now they want to pummel and stomp on whites.  Reality check:  I would bet you money some rich old mucky muck had it in for Deen and the disgruntled employee, the dumb lawyer, and all the rest were put into place even before anyone heard of it.

Lately, since Obummer has been in office, my faith has been attacked by perps armed with V2k and pretending to be “God”, and now they are waging a campaign against me that I’m racist to totally destroy any sympathy I would get from anyone.

Could I have the jobs of those nasty little black women librarians who got into a room by mine at the library and said my name and “CHRIST KILLER”?  Boy was that RACIST.  How about the young black man I worked with who did a fake grind into my ass and called me a cracker while another employee watched on and laughed?  He didn’t get into trouble for that.

The real message is this: IMHO.  She is being made an example of.  If you say or think something off the mainstream you will be TAKEN DOWN.  Deen has committed THOUGHT CRIME.

Oh well, the race card worked at FIRST for OJ then it all caught up to him.  He got caught doing something else but is serving time nonetheless.

Witch hunts like this go on in PRIVATE every day all year long for decades with thousands if not millions of victims of all colors who become ti’s.  Even Deen has this over ti’s:  she KNOWS why she is getting dumped on.

Let the one without sin cast the first stone…what an ugly country.


4 thoughts on “Equality My Ass!

  1. I feel the same way. I bet there’s no one in the U.S. who hasn’t used a racial epithet at one time or another. I know I’m guilty of it. If you have a certain group of people making your life a living hell, you want to get back at them and will say the meanest things to hurt them. I’ve been called racist names by certain blacks, but if respond in kind, I’m a racist. But they can call me whatever they want and no one will think it’s wrong.


    • It’s hard to believe that only a few decades ago, the roles were reversed. Back then blacks and women and hispanics were only fighting to be equal and now this woman’s life is destroyed over one comment. Did you know the person who opened this can of worms is white? The whole thing is fishy and stinks vaguely of perp.


  2. Yes, I find that a little strange. When I heard she was white, I did a doubletake. What??? Maybe she is a perp. I don’t know the reason why someone who is not black would file a complain. It’s a little weird.


    • She said she had been sexually harassed by Deen’s brother “Bubba” who also watches porn at his desk. The black thing came out during an hours long interrogation that Deen was undergoing. Weird. I could not find a picture of the “lady” who started it all.


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