Old Prompt: Misfit

We all have something we’d like to write about, but that doesn’t really “fit” our blog. Write it anyway.

I want to write a fashion or food blog– but a funny one that criticizes food or fashion.  My first favorite Blog was James Lilek’s who spoofed foods and fashions of the past.  It left me peeing my pants.  The original posts of the Food section of the Institute of Official Cheer  had me laughing so hard I created a distraction in the library. Maybe I should post a few pix of fashions and pick them apart.  My second favorite Blog was I Can Haz Cheezeburger which has (along with lots of other things now) a photo of a cat or other creature and a hilarious caption usually done in “cat language”.  That was so funny.  I also  liked the one they did on dogs, and I liked the equally funny but cruel “People of Wal-Mart” that criticized and ridiculed people who failed to dress appropriately before going to le Wal-Mart.  Although I should shun anything that picks fun at people, I found these spoofing Blogs very funny and they killed lots of empty hours.

One of my favorite individual posts was this man from England who attempted to eat Cat and Dog Food.  I like stupid funny stuff like that.  This kind of fodder does not feed the brain of make one more intelligent but WHO CARES?


2 thoughts on “Old Prompt: Misfit

    • I know, and I’m GUILTY of underdressing in summer, but, some of the ridiculous outfits are hilarious. I used to look so foolish–I was dying my hair black in order to look “goth” or something and had black nails. You have to be under 25 and under 120 pounds to look good doing that. Do you remember preppy? It was ugly and plain but it was sure easy to get dressed in those days. One broadcloth shirt, one khaki skirt or pants, some ugly Topsider shoes without socks and a string of pearls along with a very simple hairdo and you were ready to go. Now I cannot decipher what people are wearing. Some dress tight and sexy, others, look like they are wearing a bag with holes, others, look like the 70s or the 60s and so on…..Audrey Hepburn could dress. She was my height and weighed 103.


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