What I’m Reading

Tell us about the last book you read (Why did you choose it? Would you recommend it?). To go further, write a post based on its subject matter.

I read A Matter of Trust by Lis Weihl et al.  She is a Christian Detective author and a Conservative commentator.  I chose this book because I have read other books of hers that were suspenseful and modern yet were considered Christian novels. They were mostly the Triple Threat Books.  I made a vow to God (another darn vow I don’t want to keep.  I have to stop.)  to read Christian novels only after running into some very traumatic subject matter and almost pornographic sex when reading books for the “regular” market.  I forget the classics, however, that provide quality entertainment without all the sex and other grossness I found in “regular” market books.  There are some classics I now want to read that are appropriate for a ti to read to learn about oppression but I’m afraid I will break my vow to God.

I would recommend this book.  It’s about a woman, Mia, returning to the prosecutor’s office after a long leave of absence after the death of her husband and all the bills he leaves behind.  Right away, she is faced with 2 cases to solve, one of them the murder of her close friend who died while she was on the phone with her.  The other case is a case of bullying that leads to suicide and how she and her partner, Charlie, a cop, find a way to find and charge the individuals responsible for it.

The book takes unexpected turns which I like in a detective novel.  I can’t stand it when the killer is revealed 100 pages before the end.  I want to put the book down then.

There are about four topics discussed in the book.  One, how over prosecuting and wrong convictions result in tragedy.  Two, how cruel the world of high school is and the extent some of them will go to persecute those they find not acceptable to their culture.  Three, while some cases are over prosecuted, some are under prosecuted and people are gotten off thru bribes and other more lurid things.  Four, it’s about Mia becoming a single mom of two kids with problems. It’s a lot for one book.

Ms. Wiehl has also a series of books dealing with what seems the rise of the Antichrist  in a rich area north of New York City.  I can’t remember if I’ve read one or two of the books in the series.  It’s a  weird tale that involves psych drugs in creating mutant humans who are willing to do evil.  It’s great.


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