Stinky Ass gets Shaved!!! Details inside..

Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

This Saturday a local cat was doin it again. Bubba, 6, was draggin’ his ass on the rug and smellin’ nasty.  His owner, Shira Finkelstein,  fortunately took his smelly ass to the vet and got the tangled back hairs shaved so his poopy does not stick to his long fur.  When asked why she did not do this herself, the owner replied she was scared of how the cat acted when they had to do anything “down there”.  Bad memories of a yowling boy held against the bathroom counter with his ass in the sink and shaving cream to take off the poop came up.  The attempted electric shaving of same cat and the eventual huge grooming bill loomed large as well.  Now Mr. Kitty is going “commando” for the summer.  He could not be happier.  Ms. Finkelstein, 39sish and holding, said she still dreads applying ointment to Bubba’s ass for a few days.


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