HRH King James Gets Around

Today was a fine day at the park. It was so nice I brought my Bible to do my daily Bible study here. The Bible is extremely worn with use and underlined, dogeared and even stained in places. It was ten bucks at Walmart. I had another Bible, a big study Bible bound in maroon leather for 50 bucks. It was the NIV version. It had to go. So, HRH in his black plastic cover that is disconnected to the rest of the book really gets around.   I have to tie him together with each use. It’s a nice day but the V2k intrusions from a cell tower nearby make the study nearly impossible. I end up in tears and vow not to study Bible in the park anymore. I go to read my novel and the intrusions stop. I watch the sunset and trains go by.

I sit in the doctors office waiting for my shot. HRH is along. I can play catch up from my missed study if I make it up here. I have to sit about 40 minutes before the shot then an hour afterward so the Bible gets used. It’s hard to concentrate as the nurses and aides gossip and laugh with one another down the hall. Many of the others in the waiting room are perps. Also, the TV is on. I put in my ear buds and stuff them in my ears then turn on the music to block the sound. I end up getting about an hour or so done out of my busted and tired HRH Bible.  I walk to the cafeteria to get the rest done.  Loud patrons and perps require me to put on the music again.

I’m waiting in my friend’s car.  It’s sort of hot so I open the door as I wait for her to get done at her doctor’s.  The eternal Words of the Lord now battle outside noises like cars and perps passing by.  The relative privacy of the car provides a slightly more effective Bible study.  It’s chilly outside but hot in the car.  Should I suffer the heat to have few distractions?  As usual, I have the music to block out distractions that we usually are familiar with as ti’s.  I get 30 minutes done by the time she gets back.  I realize the best place to do Bible study is at home but sometimes I procrastinate and don’t do Bible Study until it’s too late or I’m too tired to go anywhere, so, often HRH King James gets to go on another walk, bus ride, car ride or whatever.  Maybe, one day old King James might get to fly in a plane!  He also might end up in a concentration camp where we ti’s and Christians might end up.  Who knows?

This post is Number 100.  I have been off to a slow start with this blog.  My old blog had only about 250 posts total but more visitors.  I think this blog is bombing.  Everything I have to say about gangstalking has beeen said before by better bloggers than I.  Sorry for the days between posts.


2 thoughts on “HRH King James Gets Around

  1. I can definitely relate to your doctor’s visit. I have security guards follow me into the examination room. They wait right outside. I might do something to the doctor. You know how it is.


    • The guards follow me around too. When they became obnoxious, giving me the death stare and so on I complained to the patient rep who did nothing. I saw someone who looked like her picking up my “neighbor’ on the street a couple of times as well. After I saw her, she tried to act friendly around me at the Dr. s but before that she cursed me under her breath. I hate all the psychopaths.


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