Advice for new bloggers?

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Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

I really can’t say much, but, here is “all” the things I’ve learned while blogging to make the new blogger’s life easier.

First, choose a theme that reflects the tone of your blog..if it’s happy make it bright colors, if not a darker theme is great.  Also there are different styles of themes…some allow you to put a picture at the top of the blog, some don’t.  Choose widgets that allow your readers to get to your posts easily.

Add pictures off the Web or scanned pictures to illustrate individual posts.  It draws in readers and creates interest.  Don’t forget to tag posts so when other WP bloggers do a search in their interests your blog may come up.  I think the tags end up on the search engines as well so tag to the audience from the general public you want reading your blog.  Categories are much wider than tags in scope and can clue in readers on how to sort posts in order of what they want to read.

If it’s a long post, write your first draft on paper.

After that post onto the Draft screen off the paper editing as you go.  Add links now.  Then, do another edit before posting for spelling, sentence structure and anything you forgot to post or want to leave out.  Keep pressing “save” because I’ve seen looong posts I’ve made disappear into the air when I didn’t do this.  It is supposed to save Drafts automatically but I’ve lost posts.

Publish the blog.  Then, go to your page and read it on the blog for the final edit.  You will find you still have missed a few things.  Correct any final mistakes and Update the blog.  Also, click your links and make sure they actually work.

Set comments to “moderate” so you don’t attract too many spammers or trolls looking to ruin your day.  If someone disagrees with you avoid flame wars unless you have the kind of blog where you want yourself and others to argue in the comments.  Ignore anyone who seems to be just a provocateur looking for a fight.  Don’t approve spammer comments.  You will soon learn to spot them.  It will be like “I can haz liked yr blog eez difrent…”

P.S. Tags connect with the Web and Categories connect into the WP Search.  I think I was mixed up at first.


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