mad lib??? The Replacements

Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title!

I had no one at hand when I found this prompt, so, I found a post by another ti called the “Replacements” on Stoporganizedstalking

I get look-a-likes as well:  it started after one of my friends killed himself right before my gangstalking started in 1987.  After the stalking began I started “seeing” him all over town.  I began to think he could be alive and he faked his death and sort of doubted his death until I read about how perps did this to upset and confuse targets.  I have had look-a-likes of celebrities, dead celebs, and family members.  Sometimes a look-a-like will stalk me for awhile to get me to thinking that person “wants to talk to me’ but it’s just a game to fool and upset me.

Some look-a-likes are exact ringers and cause me to stare at them.  Others, are poor substitutes you only look at once or twice.  I have had a real good one stalking around the neighborhood lately.  He since has disappeared.  I found a couple of these look-a-likes were recruited from the local homeless population who will do anything for a bit of money.  I have caught them hiring the homeless to do this in the past.  Recently, I found a look-a-like at a bus stop and walked past him and his handler whom I saw walking up and down the street before, so I could not see them.  They walked right back to where I could see them so I had to move again.

The meanest look-a-likes will perp me as they strut around in front of me.  It was especially cruel when they did look-a-likes of my mother after she died.  They do lots of look-a-likes of my sister as well.

Since I do not use an HMO I recognize the doctors and nurses where I go so they don’t play those games at the doctor’s office.  I DID have a nurse who was particularly cruel perp to me once but she quit.  There is still one nurse there that totally has it in for me but I’d recognize her anywhere.

I am not sure if any of my look-a-like perps are “cloned” or just hired at casting central.  One weird time a celeb lookalike, a real ringer, had a lookalike of his SON with him and his son kept walking circles around him like a satellite all the while they laughed at me as I freaked out.  I doubt most are cloned.  People tend to look like each other and there is a science of facial characteristics police agencies use that could find a “match” for a look-a-like within a particular perp pool.  A wig, certain clothes, a bit of acting, and you have your look-a-like–just don’t smirk too soon or I’ll find you out!


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