Must I be your clone to like you?

Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art? To spend money on it?

No. I like Ayn Rand. I like her because she hates conformity and loves freedom. Well, loved it. She has been dead since 1982, the year I wrote my Stelazine Diary. I was locked in a ward at the State Mental Hospital for (gasp!) running away from home for 3 months, drugged, and mistreated by other patients and staff. No big horror stories but it really affected my life.  Actually, the drugging with Stelazine, a “typical” antispychotic, lasted at least a year before I stopped taking it.  I don’t remember a day, I just petered off it and was so strong and healthy in those days I didn’t have much of a withdrawal at all.  Now, withdrawal from a psych drug is hell.

I disagree with Ayn Rand’s atheism and probably some of her stalwart conservatism. I think people should help people. I don’t think it’s a bad quality to want to help people out or be charitable, but, the people who perform “acts of charity” aren’t always the kindest people around: most are perps.  Go to any soup kitchen or place that helps “the poor’ and see for yourself.

Rand likes to show people how they really are and exposes hypocrisy of their ‘kind” actions in “Atlas Shrugged”. I struggled through that book all summer of 2008 and also read the “Fountainhead” and “We the Living”, and “Anthem”. You can watch on You Tube how she went on the Donahue show back in the 1970s and was set up and persecuted by the audience.

She was married to the same man 50 years unlike another favorite author of mine, Taylor Caldwell, who was married 4 times and wrote on religious themes. Go figure. God knows peoples hearts.

Rand was a Jew who escaped Russia in the 1920s and learned perfect English to write her masterpieces.

BTW I am so sick of all the antisemitism showing up on conspiracy and “Christian” sites. Looks like they dragged out the Jews again to scapegoat. Your rich and elite perps are satanists, occultists, hypocritical Christians (love those), and SOME Jews.

There is NO Jewish Cabal to destroy the world. These perp people have been around since ancient Egypt and before.

Sorry I have been slack on doing the Daily Prompts and posting. I am getting too depressed to post and feel a weight come on me every time I see a daily prompt and realize when I post the damn perps are going to be a part of the post. I wish I was like the “normal” posters who don’t have to worry about the life sucking gangstalking and can just be free to write what they want.  Boy I have a lot to say but am scared to say it.


2 thoughts on “Must I be your clone to like you?

    • This generation is the worst on Earth since the world is ending and Jesus is coming back. I think most people today have symptoms of psychopathy/sociopathy now. That is why people are so obsessed with their pets. Animals cannot deceive the way humans can. People are filled with the “other” Spirit, not the Holy Spirit.


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