Man Jailed After Comments Made In Atos Assessment

Is this coming here to the States? Already people can be held w/o charges. This man was going for a reassessment of his disability benefits and got angry. It would be like going to Food Stamps, getting a little angry and being held for 2 weeks in jail and not being able to see anyone and having a closed trial so no one can see you there as well. First they shuttle him off to the looney bin to see if he’s crazy then they take him back to jail where he is being held incommunicado. This man supposedly has MS and a mental illness along with a heart condition. NO compassion. Do you think this will happen under Obamacare? The govt is finding people “able to work” that are in wheelchairs that have the capacity of 3 year olds. They also have some weird new tax called the “bedroom tax” that you have to pay if you are on benes and live in a place that’s too large for you (according to them).  No one knows what the man said during the interview but its scary that it’s all being kept secret.

the void

atos-killsUPDATE 26/04/13  Steve Topley has been bailed, has pleaded guilty and is now expected to receive a community sentence.  Seems he wasn’t such a threat to the community after all.

A Nottingham man has now been held in custody for two weeks after he was accused of “threatening behaviour”* due to comments he allegedly made during his Atos benefits assessment.

Steve Topley is a 49 year old father with multiple serious health problems who was required to attend a Work Capability Assessment with the notorious IT firm Atos – the company responsible for stripping benefits from hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people.  During the process Mr Topley made some comments about someone not present at the assessment.

These comments led to Atos staff calling the police and Mr Topley was asked to attend Queens Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham.  When he refused to do so he was arrested. …

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