Critical Eye???

Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic.

This record is always in a negative mood, going from tear-jerking power ballads to raw heavy metal anger to angry rap….there are tiny little breaks of lightness and humor but it’s rare. This album is dark, dark, dark. Some of it is is only puling junk about the past, whine, whine whine. Some of the songs don’t seem that important on the surface but apparently the artist thinks they are. The longer this album gets the more boring it gets as it seems the artist is less and less inspired and more and more frightened of her enemies, the perps. There is something the artist desperately wants to communicate which would probably bring the quality up on this lousy album but she is afraid the write the “song” she wants to write. She says the music will remain lousy as long as a jack-boot is lodged in the side of her neck.


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