Threatened and controlled

I was going to put up line upon line of my V2k abuse but the little perps scared me out of it. First, they made me think my cat was missing. Next, when the cat was out I looked out and a strange man with a beer in his hand was petting her. “Pretty Cat” he says. Would she have been stolen in the next minute? Thanks be to God I looked out when I did. He was with a big group of people.

Later my only friend calls me telling me she’s not feeling well. No biggie. Then, an hour later the whole thing has escalated into “I called ask a nurse and they told me to go to the hospital”. A tiny temperature and some heartburn is now going to be a heart attack!

Turns out it was nothing. She was there an hour. I sat screaming and railing at God for not protecting me. Shame shame. They got me to shred the papers with the V2k convo on it and one hour later, I”m awakened by my friend telling me she’s heading home.

Add that to my landlady threatening me as she walks by that I will “lose everything”. What a nasty bitch. She is supposed to be some kind of nun. The ones who hide behind religion are the worst. I almost want to be an atheist today and just treat people and animals right. She turned total perp after the shits did some arm twisting of their own on her life.

My black t-shit, my favorite one, is missing. I kept hearing over V2k my LandLady telling me not to wear it–she didn’t like it. Now it’s gone. Guess it ties into seeing ANOTHER black t shirt outside. VE dont Vant you to Vear Tos Thirtzzzz…….Total control.

I was had. I wanted to post the V2k, waited too long, got scared, then they pulled shit like this to scare me out of it. They don’t want people to know what abuse they shell out daily on me.

I saw my first dead animal a couple of weeks back.  They are back at it.

My whole life has been replaced by fear and loathing and depression. The last time I was happy at all was…I can’t remember.


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