Companion Piece

Head to one of your favorite blogs. Write a companion piece to their penultimate post.

This was posted at Neverending1’s Blog on June 26, 2012. It reminded me so much of what I was going through I caused me to read her blog more often and eventually start blogging myself.  I doubt it’s the best post on there since there are so many, 100s in fact, but this one stuck in my mind.

Companion Piece:

Everywhere I go there’s the STUFF ON THE GROUND.  Lately, it’s orange peels (to remind me of a curse someone did in Africa) to these little wire like things all over the place.  I also get rubber bands and hair bands to show that I’m “bound” and am a prisoner to them.  They also like to toss things on the ground that are like the ones in my apartment or even food that I eat, the meaning being, “we were in your apartment”.  I know the little stalkers read minds and can see into my apt without being there so it does not scare me, plus, they come in anyhow and leave their classic “gift”, a penny.  The penny is supposed to remind me I’m Jewish and too cheap to even pass up a penny.   They always leave a penny especially if I go somewhere new, off the beaten path to “show” me they were already there and they can even predict the path I will take because a penny can be overlooked.  I also think the message of the STUFF ON THE GROUND is that “they” are with you all the time even if you don’t see anyone.  All you have to do is look down and there is more crap strewn on the ground.  There is also a lot of trash thrown around outside my apt and my apt only.  Everyone else’s lawn looks clean.  My old “neighbor” used to put lots of food right around the corner, old food, and it would attract bugs and even demons.  I once put the food back on his porch but that did not stop him.  My “neighbor” over the fence thought it would be cute to put the ubiquitous orange  peel under the fence.  He got it right back.  I got a t shirt on the ground a while back while mine is missing.  The message being DONT EVER WEAR THIS KIND OF TSHIRT AGAIN.  So sick of it, I might buy several ones of that style and in different colors (even forbidden ones) and wear them.  There would be hell to pay.

By the way, another thing happened over me wanting to publish what the perp o traitors said:  my computer was attacked.  I had 14 viruses after I did a scan.  All of them related to a common Trojan going around relating to Java.  I took Java off my puter and the next scan came out clear.  I need to run another one just in case.  What uses Java?  I know it always needed updating and was a pain.  I also read that Java has no way to protect against this Trojan and that it’s become a little obsolete so maybe I don’t need it.

Had the usual miserable day with V2k.  I went out and people were wearing yellow as in you are “chicken” for giving in to us.  Neighbor is watching while I type this…I hear ‘comments” while I type.  Last night, heard the word “heart attack” and panicked.  These evil pieces of scum gave her another fake “heart attack” way back in 2005 when they were trying to get us apart.  This time it was only bad heartburn.  Last time they used some kind of DEW to cause pain there.  Or was it heartburn again..getting threats now….they want to do it again?  What’s the point, people.  Is this life worth living?

So:  I got my cat running away, my cat being pet by a weird stranger, my computer attacked and my only friend going to the ER last night because I wanted to publish the evil crap I hear in  my head.  I don’t get it, they can just say I’m nuts.  They said:  “it’s all about control”, well I”m not your pet cow, shitbags


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