Have you ever had a random encounter or fleeting moment with a stranger that stuck with you?

Yes, I get them all the time now, but the first time I had a weird encounter with a stranger was on the bus. It was way back in 1981 and I was 15.  I did not know it was a skit and a psyop. This man who looks like someone I know comes up and starts talking to me about someone else I know–but the man is a STRANGER, and ACTOR. These skits are not played with different methods all the time now. Back then the stranger was friendly and I was naive. Now the “strangers” are almost always hostile.

I also had an odd encounter with a stranger outside a store once. I thought a woman looked young for her age and she went into detail how she did it. It involved a lot of Vitamin E as I recall.

I met a strange man in 2008 and he impressed me so much by his interest in birds that I invited him to stay at my house.  He was homeless, young, and said he was out of a job.  He didn’t seem rough or tough in the least.  He even “showed” me his church’s website.  A few days later he started acting oddly.  I googled him and turned up a page where he describes himself as a meth addict.  He hardly looked like himself as he was.  In the picture he was much heavier and had long hair and totally different clothes.  He turned out a clean cut image to me:  slim, hair is cut, etc.  Turns out he was a police informant gathering information on the inside.  All I ended up with was a broken heart (no one has dated me in 20 years even a fake hurts) and a broken COMPUTER.  He screwed up my machine.  Thought I saw him in the back seat of a car driving around a corner as I walked to the store.   I got rip roaring drunk over him…the first time I’d been drunk since 1988 or so.

The weirdest encounter with a stranger was on July 4, 2008 when I missed the last bus to town.  I got to the stop late because I was reveling in the relative isolation on top of a hill enjoying a warm summer night after the fireworks.  Out at night, looking at stars, no nasty neighbors outside talking about me for hours.

I missed the last bus and town was 10 miles away.  I noticed a lot of cop cars circling and going up and down the street as I walked and was a little afraid.  As I walked I met up with an older Indian guy who was walking with a cane.  Later, I came upon him again.  The circling police had arrested him and taken him in and made him strip and stand in the middle of the police station as a curiosity since he was a hermaphrodite.  Later, they let him go and continue to walk towards town on his cane without even offering him a ride or arranging for one.  He was expected to just keep walking.  They told him to keep walking until he got out of town.

I lost him again and met up with him later when it was finally getting light.  (summer nights are short).  I didn’t really think he was all that friendly so we parted ways when the first bus FINALLY came at 5:30 and about 50 blocks away from where I started.  I must have been slow or stopped a lot.  I went home and went to bed.

I won’t reveal the name of the town because then I’d be a “whistleblower”.


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