Million Dollar Question?

homeless and forgottenWhy do I blog?

I do it so people can read that I existed. The gangstalkers are erasing my life bit by bit and there will be nothing to remember when I’m dead unless I write it down. The gangstalkers treat us as if we are not human–that we had no mothers, fathers, homes, schools, pets, thoughts, feelings. We are only monsters to them and they are sent out to us at low wages to slowly extirpate us–death by 1000 cuts. I know why I became an “enemy” to someone but how I became an “enemy” to the government is beyond me as I never took part in protests. The only person I shared my political opinions with was my mother and sometimes my grandmother. Later, I would write my political opinions to fellow-fans of my rock group but they seemed “liberal” as well at the time.  Today’s liberals are only the mindless lackeys of Conservatives anyway.  NO one cares about “the people” not even the “people”.  Maybe the rich person who targetted me has sway with the governments of this world since my targetting has been long painful and intense.

I’m not as Liberal as I once was either.  Maybe that bothers the Agenda who need to pigeonhole and put everyone is a safe little box.

I had a blog between December 2007 and February 2011 but took it down out of fear of the perps and other reasons. I thought if I just disappeared and went about my business they would go easy on me. I stopped this blog and pretty much stopped reading other blogs. I stopped going to conference calls (where I was abused anyway) and unjoined all but one or two of the forums that I was on. I was abused there as well, and accused, and treated very disrespectfully. It made me bitter and I tended to lash out at other posters as well. The 2 forums I have left seem to be spewing out the same old stuff that I saw when I began years ago—worthless and non informative.

The only real info I ever got was reading blogs and interacting with bloggers. Some blogs are better than others but all are testaments to the lives of the invisible people in this country–ti’s.

I guess it’s better to be heard even by strangers than by no one at all. The few people I have contact with treat me as crazy so they can’t ease my pain.

One day I will erased, probably before my time, by a disease I was not supposed to catch or by another more violent end. I will die years before my time in misery since no one will stand up to the evil in this world anymore and NO ONE will help ti’s EVER. Sometimes it even seems that God has forsaken ti’s even though it’s not true. I even had a thought that God uses gangstalkers to “punish” ti’s for past sins that they never got punished for in any other way–but that is perp propaganda.
Where is THEIR punishment then?

When I’m dead, this is all that will remain of me. I will be forgotten in a day. All my traitorous “family” will remember is that I was “crazy”. Anyone in my family that regarded me at all get quickly extinguished near the beginning of my targetting.

I”m sure the blog itself will be erased, too, at the push of a button. Slim comfort, but our enemies have copies of ALL blogs and EVERYTHING that was ever written on the net so maybe centuries later they may be discovered and read by someone who will not fluff us off as crazy because everyone else was brainwashed and mind controlled and scared into going along with the program.  Maybe we’ll get a little plaque, tee hee.

In the end I hope that God does not forget me and that my Salvation was real and that the perp o traitors that tried to “steal” it from me via Voice To Skull burn in the bottom ring of Hell unless they repent.  I hope all the treasonous fake ti’s burn as well unless they repent as they caused me to trust in them only to hurt me worse than any obvious enemy could.  The worst sin in the Bible was treachery for a reason


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