The third time….

Hmmm. well, when I was a young dieter, I’d weigh 3 times each morning one right after another and took the “lowest” score to be my weight for the day…NO not that…

Maybe I could make you endure a story of a drive thru and how it took the cashier three times to get it right…no.

The three storms got together.

“I tried and had a good run,” said Walda, “but I just couldn’t bring it to pass. “Xerxes here, hardly made a dent but did a LITTLE MORE DAMAGE, It’s up to you,” said Walda bringing her blue tongue over her purple lips.

“What if I can’t do it?’ I asked.

“Then it’s probably over and we’ll have to give up until next year,” growled Walda.

“OK I will give it my best shot.  I am better organized and moister and maybe even colder than you,” I said.

“Never colder “she said in an ominous whisper.

“Here goes,” I shreiked as I spun my cold vast trajectory towards the Rockies and Midwest.

“This will be the final chance any of us has to completely ruin the Spring foliage,” wheezed old Mr. Xerxes, “I hope he can do it.

“No tulips, no daffodils, no lilacs, no apple blossoms, and a VERY ugly summer if they get one at all, HAHAHAHAH!” screamed Walda

The End


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