I Am Clare Hreschak’s Daughter

This woman was cruelly abused by her mother and boyfriends, ignored by her grandparents and everyone else…she was dragged thru the psychiatric system and given multiple diagnoses. Sound familiar?  Does each diagnoses get “worse” with more drugs?  A pill can’t help everything.  I didn’t like my 9th grade English teacher but he was a saint compared to this woman

I Am Clare Hreschak's Daughter

I originally outed my mother in a note on Facebook, two days ago. Within those two days, my note received over 100 shares and countless replies. Unfortunately, Facebook decided to force remove my note. I will not get in to the hypocritical nature of the usurping of my story – we all know what type of filth and hate Facebook allows on its site. But I refuse to be silenced any more.I ask all of you to please SHARE this and spread the word.

This is my attempt at finding some justice in a system that makes it near impossible for an adult child of a child abuser to seek recourse against her perpetrator. I realize no one likes to read more than a few sentences on Facebook, but I ask that you take just a few minutes to read and please SHARE this story to your wall if…

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