High School, LOL???

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.

I dropped out so I guess I can’t call it my “alma mater”. Most young people are heading into becoming little perp Nazis so I don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to them. I got a GED then went to college and had my first graduation at age 23, right after my perping started. I got into an altercation with some little bitch with a fish on her car (hypocrite?) in the parking lot on the way out and my lovely family thought it nice to only go out for COFFEE after the graduation. I was hoping for a car as a graduation gift but was offered a BIKE like I was some little kid.  This wasn’t 8th grade graduation, Dad.  I demurred the gift. I was so angry and insulted over the whole ordeal yet had to conceal my feelings as we were in public. My grandmother, who loved me, went with me to buy a brand new dress for the graduation probably thinking there would be a celebration and all I got was bitter disappointment. NO one clapped when I went up to the podium.

No one hired me because I had a degree.  I temped for 3 years and got ONE job with benefits for 2 years then back to the food service jobs until I kept getting fired from all of those as well. I was getting set up by perps every time.  Finally, I ended up on benefits and was homeless for a little while.  I tried sheltered work settings and the perps were waiting there as well.  I tried volunteer work only to get mistreated at those as well.

Let’s pretend I graduated and I was talking to a room full of human beings who would go on to live caring and kind lives…I would warn them against taking courses in college that would prove worthless in the real world. I would tell them to set goals and see them through. I can’t think of anything else. I was not allowed to live so I have very little advice for “life”.  I’d tell them not to buy things that would weigh them down if they lost a job because the good old American Layoff has become a way of life here.  They’d rather hire temps or temp to hire with the “grateful” new employee willing to take any pay, etc..just to have a permanent job.  Maybe it’s perp to hire, as no one ever offered me a job from temp positions except retail minimum wage stuff.

OK maybe I’d tell them if they ever dared to speak up for themselves or others to be prepared to take the consequences. I’d tell them to think twice about whistleblowing, calling cops, or saying what you really think of anyone unless they want their pleasant little bubble popped and left with life in hell.  I’d also warn them never to be inebriated in public or every get into public arguments or make themselves vulnerable or stick out in any way because one thing leads to another in today’s world and that little bar fight could turn into a lifetime of targetting.


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