Third down third sentence. A post about nothing…:0

A new global bank is being born in South Africa – where the world’s top emerging economies are meeting.  The article says something about giving Big European Banks a run for their money.  Another Boer War anyone?

That is what I get…a new global BANK. More money being shifted around. More money laundered in offshore BANKS. Some people say all our troubles started when they started the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, Income Tax, etc…It really started the day men slipped back into their “good Nazi” mindsets….comfort and safety is more important than freedom for all.  Too easy and too lazy for too long and everyone became a bug on its back.  Sex, drugs and rock n roll rendered you useless.  If a real thought came through a typical American’s mind could they know it?

I am still getting over the weird weird clothing these PEOPLE had on behind me in Wally World.  Mom wore a tank top and plain knit skirt, Hubby had a blue shirt and weird blue and purple tie, blue jeans and a huge pot belly.  Little sister wore a very fancy party dress, but big sis took the cake.  She wore a huge full skirt full of frills out of the 1800s with what looked like a strapless top with a big  jewel in the middle.  She covered up with a Batman hoodie and Converse sneakers.  Her makeup was pretty much rubbed off.  Her hair was a mess half combed like she just got up.  She was only about 13 but over tall and over fat and over developed like so many are today.  These trailer park bum perps were perping me with their CLOTHES.  I am not ALLOWED to wear blue or purple or any combo.  It was supposed to remind me of something else but those LOSERS would not have fit in that fantasy.  I’m not supposed to fantasize anyway, right perps?  I went looking around the Web and the dress had to be a quincenera dress because of the huuuge skirt.  Maybe they had to go shopping after the quincenera ceremony….Mom had on clothes that looked as if they cost 5.99 tops, though and did not match the glamor of her children and dad just slapped on a tie over a jean shirt and jeans…Maybe I was wrong about this…

The Germans were a very obedient people very easily swayed. The did not think twice about the “new normal”…people disappeared, so what?  Now we in America have dumbed down schools that teach to inane required tests. Nothing is learned. Society seems to be on a permanent vacation…it’s party party party all the time around here..No one works. Everyone is “recreating” all the time. Constantly distracted on those little thumbie machines.  text text text text… Online. people watch You Tube for silly stunts or celeb gossip on the “news” channels…or HOW TO GET THIN. You already are thin…between the ears.  If anyone works they spend most of it gossiping or checking checking checking la phone.  It seems only health care workers have to really work…maybe lawyers work but I’m not sure, not knowing any, LOL

There is a constant need for stimulation and NO THINKING.  Thinking is trouble.  Big thinks get you in trouble.  Big thinks land you in targetville.  Everything is this party, that festival, and drink drink drink all the time.  If the temp goes above 50 everyone runs around half naked in a frenzy no matter what they weigh.  Giggle giggle giggle…laugh laugh laugh…it’s all a joke.  Everyone around me is acting so HAPPY to my face I’m beginning to wonder.

Perping is getting worse.  Getting more “God” V2k messages which are always negative and involve a threat of loss of Salvation for the tiniest infraction.  The sickos that run the mind control will burn forever and they know it.  They are just spreading the joy around.  Getting more trash and such outside around my apartment.  Perps are on a roll since last fall.  They always go nuts on me around elections and before and after.

Some prompt….zzzzz


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