Blogger Who Influences You

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

Obviously the blogger would be Neverending1. When I quit my old blog in Feb. 2011, I was not going to blog. Surfing around I found her blog and was inspired with her boldness and fearlessness towards our jailers the perps, the perp bosses, and the world system of tyranny.

I especially liked when she did the Post A Day blogs. When I had my old blog, I did not post every day sometimes being at a loss for a week or more. I like the Daily Prompts to give me an idea to write about every day.

Another blogger that influenced me was On Gangstalking. She is also bold and fearless towards perps and has much information and insight other gangstalking blogs don’t. I don’t follow her blog as much as I used to (the perps HATE when I do!) but am glad for her perseverence.

The first blog that influenced me was rather a web page: Eleanor White of course. I used to listen to her Road To Freedom podcasts every time they came out.

On the light side I used to follow the Crabby Old Man blog.  It made me laugh in a humorless nightmare of a world.  “The Problem With Young People Today Is..”  It seems to have been stopped for awhile.  Guess he ran out of subjects.


2 thoughts on “Blogger Who Influences You

    • It was great to read them and see how you built your blog up over that year. So many of us ti bloggers give up or keep the blog so small. We gotta keep getting the word out there if there is anyone left not involved.


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