Escape Plan????



Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

I would need a time machine and a place and time the perp ops with their equipment could not get to me.  I know they TRIED to go thru time years ago so I think they do it now.  (Montauk Experiment?)  I think once time and space is irrelevent you can have God like powers. I am truly scared of what technology these people have now if they are 50 years ahead of what we see.  If I got in the time machine I’d close the door fast.  No perp hitchhikers.   If they CANNOT go thru time without my time machine, I want my time machine to take me back about 150 years ago or so and I will live out on a farm way out somewhere in Nebraska, Kansas, the Dakotas, etc…Maybe even in the mountains.  I want to live in a tiny little town and have a close family.  I want no telephones, no magazines, no Internet, no cars, nothing.  I also want no allergies because transpo is by horse.  I want no planes nor any flying balloons.   I want to go out and hear nothing but nature…not one human sound when I want to.  I don’t want any records, tapes, CD’s or MP3’s.  Nothing. Not even a piano.  I will wear long skirts every day.  When I talk to God no perp answers.  I want to go to a church that is not infiltrated by the servants of satan.  No witches, warlocks, pedo’s nothing.  I want to live where people can keep doors unlocked and people can trust one another.  I want to live where people do not even know HOW to deceive.  I want to eat real food not poisoned by Monsanto.  Yet I still must remember where I come from so history will not repeat itself.


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