Social Media???

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

I still don’t see the draw of Facebook…guess I’d need a family and network of friends maybe. Lovely, just conduct your whole life online so everyone can see including the government and your enemies. I really do not get the lure of Facebook. I am guilty of “snooping” around on there to look up people I have not seen nor heard from in a long time, though. I’ve done it mainly to “catch up with” family members that no longer talk to me. What I found out was limited, however, since you have to be a “friend” to gain full access to a person’s board.

Facebook profiles show up on this Bible Study site I go to and some of ’em aren’t looking too Christian.  Women with their boobs half out their tops, people flashing “horns” signs, etc…or some real fat, like 300 lb heifers wearing tube and tank tops woooeeee….gag.  The pics are a distraction from the Bible Study and I have found a new site to go to Bible Study online so no more pics.

I always thought MySpace was lame and Twitter a waste.  I put a Twitter link on my old blog and was going to use it and only found one “follower”, a person  I personally knew that refused to email me in real life but was enjoying “following” me on Twitter.  I never told him I had a blog or a Twitter account so I don’t know how he knew about my Twitter account.  I wonder if he read my blog.  I think my enemies do read it but manage to not make the hit counter go up somehow.  Eleanor White talked about that once, how the hit counter on her blog seemed affected.

I guess I’d be able to better judge if I had a network of family and friends.

Why are there no April Fool prompts today?

I was dreaming up a perfect April Fool post all day.


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