Me, a man?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex for a day? What do you think life would be like?

As I ti I do think it would be harder because the perps play on our pride.  A man does not like to be brought down into humility and ridicule.  He cannot even take it as well as a woman who for thousands of years has been socialized to “take it”.  Being a man would be hard because I would be expected to be strong and fight for my honor if someone came against me.  A ti is not allowed to fight against the powers that be and is supposed to humbly take all the perps throw at them.  A man who is targetted would feel impotent and weak and worthless.  Being a daughter of a feminist did not help in this regard.  My mother told me I was equal as a man but this is not the real truth in society even now.

It would even be worse to be a targetted man who is forced to take psychiatric meds because the meds  are supposed to make men more feminine.  I guess I can see why most of the “shooters” who are ti’s brought to extremity, are male.  A woman will sit quietly in the corner sometimes but a man sees his manhood taken from him, his rights as a “free” American.  He is now turned into a slave, not only that, but a eunuch…a man not good enough to have a girlfriend much less a wife and also feminized by the drugs that are given him when he complains of his treatment and OF COURSE is referred to the local mental health service.

As for work, a man prides himself in his work…most ti’s are driven out of the job market for good and are expected to take government benefits to survive. The ones who don’t become low level perps  just to save face in society. To sit all day and do nothing hurts a man, a real man.  Perp men do not care and will sit around the rest of their damned lives just so they can have the substances to “party” with and have a roof over their head no matter how humble.  Hurting ti’s is their LIFE.  Their whole perpose in life becomes destroying another that has done nothing to them.  Other men, not even perps, are this way now.  They will attach themselves to a woman with a “check” so they can sit around and vegetate.  Momma’s boys.

I would not want to be a man and a ti.  To be a man and not a ti does not seem as bad.  I could use my physicality to take out my aggressions at a gym or on a job or even in the service of the Army, etc.  It’s a lot healthier and cheaper than pills.  I might be too timid to approach a woman to date, however.  Years ago, I asked a man out MYSELF.  He was on the bus “coincedentally” when I was, a bus, a wrong bus, one that led to nowhere, it seemed.

Turns out, he was in the employ of the perps and was “put there” for me to notice.   He was very attractive but turned out to be the death of my life. His blonde curls, and blue eyes and sweet demeanor were a trap.  I grew to trust him and told him something I shouldn’t and he passed it on and I got gangstalked from there.  I can see it now.  When I knew him he was sweet and churchgoing and in 12 step groups to combat his addictions to drugs and alcohol. He had a good union job.  He worked overtime.

We broke up because I would not go to bed with him.  He was much older than me and I was trying to straighten my life out after the drama of the hospital and the runnings  (escapes) that I did.  Also he had been married THREE times by his early 30s and had a daughter almost as old as I was.  Imagine the humiliation when I went out with him one night and he brought the daughter along.  She was 13, and I was 17.  I wanted to die.

Five years later, I saw him on the street.  He picked me up in his car when he saw me walking.  He was meaner and colder.  His long beautiful blonde locks had been cut.  He had put on weight.  I asked him if he was involved in the things he was involved in when I knew him.  He brushed me off.  He asked me if I “wanted to do the thing I refused him earlier”.  I said no.  I got out of the car.  I went somewhere and sobbed.  My targetting had only just started but I sensed he was a player.  I realized our “relationship” that had gone on for nearly a year had been a sham.  It was only the beginning.  Soon everyone would be revealed as a sham, a player.

I wonder what happened to him.  I once heard his name on the radio as someone who had requested a song.  I suppose his life has turned out better than mine.  Sorry for hijacking my own Prompt.


4 thoughts on “Me, a man?

    • I thought about that but the perp o traitors don’t play fair. A drag down fight seems to be in order but they like to sit in the comfort of their homes as zap us with DEWS and put ugly voices in our heads. Now, it would be nice to know I would not get in person harassment on the bus, etc if I was powerful though. No more people threatening to beat me up if I (gasp) LOOK at them. Plus there are more entry level jobs for powerful males. Being born with health problems did not help me either. I was never as fast as others on jobs that were menial. Some women are powerful, however.


      • They’re always telling me they’re going to beat me up, too. I’d like to be a big, big man and hit a few of the perps. It would be worth to go to jail for a few days.


      • I’m sick of it too. My “neighbor’s” son got up in my face as I was merely returning home. He did not hit as they are usually not allowed to, but, it would have been fun to call his bluff.


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