What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

The only ideal community will be in Heaven where justice will reign and no one will be poor or tormented or left out. No one will lord it over another or deceive another. On Earth the only community that would be good to live in is where deceit and corruption and perps would NOT be allowed to live. There would be no police. Everyone would have a purpose and work within the community. No one would be idle. Everyone would be shown love and acceptance for their unique gifts. No one would be forced to seek psychiatric care if they seem a bit different. Everyone will be loved, supported and comforted. No one would be overworked unless they want to work a lot and no one would be forced into idleness. I don’t know how this community would be led but by a council of everyone in the community. Who would be the ultimate leader? A spiritual leader? A secular leader? I don’t know. Only in Heaven will the ultimate community exist.

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