Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

Maybe I shouldn’t. After all, I’m a ti. Sometimes these prompts seem to be ordered by the perps to “find us out’.  Hmmm It’s not as if the PERPS don’t know who we are anyway, I’m more worried about certain fake “ti’s” that “help” the perps for easier treatment.  I guess that makes them perps….and I did keep the same name on my new blog as the old.

Sometimes the air is so dry here, traveller, that it seems it’s sucking the water out of you.  We do get dewpoints below zero here. You must hydrate yourself here and slather on lotion to survive.  Women who live here all the time will prematurely age if they don’t hydrate their faces and bodies.  Summer rains here are not as reliable as in times past when a shower would hit every day about 4 or 5.  Now, clouds may build up all day to produce a bounty of 3 or 4 drops at sunset.  The rivers and creeks here run almost to the ground by late summer and early fall.  To experience a moister climate one must go 50 or so miles outside of here to another ecosystem where the rains are reliable and the wildflowers bloom.

There are pools and water parks here to be had for money but what passes for the “beach” here is merely a patch of sand by a algae infested reservoir.  We are many many miles from a real beach.  Occasionally, a large thunderstorm will hit and fill up the rivers and creeks and reservoirs for the moment but it passes quickly.  Large periods of time with continued wet weather are a thing of the past here.  It used to be, that sometimes in late spring, or early summer, the rain would fall every day or the thunderstorms would come one after another.  It no longer happens.  Once the storm passes it’s usually over for the day, the week, even the month.

It’s hard to tell if if it’s climate change that brought on the increased dryness or the Anger of God, but the demand on water here and the supply do not meet and we will dry up one day.

God has some mercy on us in that He provides us with some moisture but not in the form of rain.  It melts and becomes part of the water supply.


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