Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

Yes I have an adopted cat.  She was very sick when I adopted her and I probably saved her from a sure death by insisting on her care.  She means a lot to me.  She has sort of a difficult personality and is very cunning and intelligent.  She is also very pretty.  She keeps me company when no one else is around.  She was an outside cat and still likes the outside and I do believe she hunts when outside for any length of time.

I’m not sure if I’m her favorite person but I’m now the only person pretty much who sees her even though she sometimes hangs out with a neighbor or two even though I hang out with no neighbors.  She drives me crazy sometimes with her actions. She will come up to the door and lie down like waiting to come in then race off when I open the door.  She likes to be chased around.  Her daily walking around causes her to be stinky sometimes but there she is on my pillow when I look for her inside.  She has found out ways to hide from me inside and outside.  She goes under the oven when the garbage truck comes by and sometimes stays there an hour.

She has a very strong personality unlike her predecessor who was kind and sweet, but someone has to be my kitty’s “mommy”.


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