Bones of Contention

I have a Bone of Contention with people who hate Israel and Jews.  People who are all weepy for the Palestinians (who were not a people only squatters) and start talking about the “Rothschilds” every time they talk about Jews and calling Israel a “terrorist state” piss me off.  It says in the Bible that those who hate God’s people God will hate them.  I think my targetting MAY have gotten started when our family moved into a new neighborhood and we weren’t the “right” kind of Jews..that is, we were observant rather than too liberal.  They may have taken it only out on me instead of the whole family to get away with it..bring on the shrinks instead of calling the ADL.  I also have the Masonic grandfather who went rather high in the Lodge.

My second Bone of Contention is perv preachers getting a second chance to go up and preach again.  There is this CLOWN in Florida who is out of jail and went BACK to his old church to preach and now minors are forbidden by law to attend this church.  There was also that perv in Colorado that had a gay lover and was doing drugs wanting to come back and preach, not to mention the richass preacher in Georgia having sex with kids on “field trips”.  I do believe God can forgive them but they should SIT THEIR ASSES DOWN AND LISTEN and never PREACH again.  Period.  They are not to be trusted with the Word of God and the damaged people who come into the Church everyday to hear it finding out their “pastor” is a pedo.  Ted Haggard’s father was a real man of God, a deliverance minister famous in the 1970s and 1980s.  What a shame of a son…Like David and Solomon, then a big step down to Rehoboam.