If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?

I would choose that famous “girl interrupted” Joanne Greenberg to write my biography. Only she understands what it is like to have a complex fantasy world like I made and also the feelings of isolation within a family with a “normal” sister besides herself complete with guilt ridden helpless parents.

I might get George Orwell to write the preface to the bio. The hospital that Joanne went to was used for CIA experiments and I’m a target. Plus he’s only a natural to write a preface to any ti bio.

I’m sort of restricted to Christian novels now, but if I had a Christian author write me a bio it would be Tim Downs as his Bug Man character is obviously aspie and I feel I am as well and having to endure all these false diagnoses from doctors is very frustrating in the least. I love the Bug Man: I’d marry him myself.

Dr. Suess????  That would be funny.  Maybe I’ll render my life Dr. Suess style later.  😉


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