A service has been invented through which you can send messages to people in the future. To whom would you send something, and what would you write? 6 more wor

As the drones and slaves sat at yet another rally for the Most High King, a sudden interruption came across the jumbo tron:  the screen went blank and a voice began:

“I can see you there, in your poverty, in your subservience, in your food shortages and i feel for you.  You are slaves.  Your minds are read all the time.  If you think wrongly towards your “most high god” that sits on his throne in New Babylon you are sent for reeducation, if you continue in wrong thoughts you are given to be executed.  You are miserable, cold and starved.  You need a card to do anything.  You need to a card to buy food, another card to buy the little heating you have, and another card and clearance to leave the city if even for a few hours.  You are told what to do by the feed installed in your heads from morning till night from the cradle to the grave.  You wear dull rags in dull colors.

Only the Party Members, the Elite Court of your High King wear the bright clothing and eat the plentiful food.  Only they have the conveyances called automobiles.  Only they have the privilege to travel.

Last week the lines were for beans.  Every one of you stood in line for 8 hours to get a bag of half moldy beans to eat.  You have no idea how your overlords eat.  You’ve seen the bit of mutton and vegetables your regional overlords get:  this is nothing, this is slop compared to what the ones who serve your King get.

Do any of you remember your great grandparents, how they would use to tell you in hushed whispers in quiet rooms at odd hours how it USED TO BE?  How they lived free in grand style in spacious comfortable warm homes and each one of them had an automobile to travel in?  How they could travel this country and around the world at will?  How they had much more money than they could use and spent it at will at places called “malls”?  How grandmother looked fresh and young long beyond what was natural and grandfather was full of vigor and health even into old age?  This was all true.  And it ended.  And it was all their fault.

A few decades  before the Revolution and the Wars people had started to complain they were being mistreated, followed, harassed, denied basic things in life.  No one listened to them.  This was the country of the “free” and the “rich”.  They were dismissed as crazy.  The joke was that they wore “tin foil hats”.   More and more people joined the ranks of the harassers and the people who had complained started to die.  After that it was easy to get your ancestors to comply when the changes began:  the changes that began to impoverish and dehumanize you.  Little by little your ancestors had less and less–it even became glamorous to be “frugal”–even though their frugality would seem as luxury to you.

No matter what happened you obeyed.  You had been taught to obey by harassing and killing the harassed people.   You became docile slow and stupid.  Bovine, if you will.  You brought this on yourselves.”

At this point the screen resumed “normal” programming and the “prayers” to the High King and General Rally began again.  A few of the older people seemed upset but soon resumed attitudes of obedience as they were zapped by the virtual cattle prods into compliance.  20 minutes later, the people shuffled off to their work and to stand in the lines as if nothing ever had happened.


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