Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

F minus. I don’t even quite remember what I did. The days run together. It’s all the same. I spent Sat. night away but I get perped there as well. Where I stay, a perp comes down the hall and whistles about every 10 minutes day and night, doors keep slamming and I hear the same kind( but with different voices) kind of V2k.  All that crap about what a horrible person I am and that I’m not saved blah blah blah..along with all the threats that if I do this that the other I will be punished…la la la.  The person I stay with orders me around like a maid.  I am worthless to people.  I have no intrinsic worth.  I ask God how I can possibly serve Him being a ti.

Once when I was at my father’s I answered the phone and when I gave it to him he told the person on the line I was his “housekeeper”.  Once when I was forced to introduce my father to someone I knew I could not keep the sneer out of my voice as I introduced him as my father.  Well, at least I did not introduce him as Jeeves the butler.  I am sorry for that because you are supposed to honor your father and mother.

Nothing happened fun last weekend. I remembered going with someone to pick up shoes but that I waited in the car as the staff at the place…makes me uncomfortable. Let me see…then we went to the supermarket (the evil chain that’s been causing me trouble lately) and she mainly shopped and bought a ton of stuff. The perps were all over the store as usual. Later, as we went to her car, some “nice” perpson had put a handful of pennies by it. They always put pennies on the ground wherever I go to show they “know” I’ve been there or that they “knew” I was coming.  Another ti a long time ago said they put pennies in the path of Jewish ti’s because they know we are “cheap” and will pick them up. Of course only the ti’s are racist. I never pick up the pennies or dimes or even quarters they “leave” me.  I’m afraid they have had curses put on them.  I refused a 10 dollar bill on the ground I knew a perp had put there and later a 5 but another time in desperation I picked up another 10.

I bought a few things for the lenten vegetarian diet I’m following.  Broke now.

I did not eat out, go to a club, to a party, go to a movie (why do people still do that?  After the shootings, by a probable ti it sounds very dangerous), go to a park or anything.   I did not go ski-ing, or paintball-ing, or any ing.

On Sunday, while doing another chore I was treated to another cruel perp skit that I thought was going to involve the police but did not.  I am angry at that skit because I was truly not bothering anyone.  I was focused on my work, and I hate being tricked by the blood sucking vampires.  At a ti site that I once read it said the perps can only thrive on your dishonor.  It’s probably true.  To keep cool and polite at all times is the way to keep the “audience”, which is what the perps call the general public from hating you as you angrily respond to more of their shit. It is sometimes impossible for me to do it.

I slept a lot because my new pills make me.  Boo.


3 thoughts on “Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

  1. I find money on the ground, too. Tens, Ones. I pick up the money. What the heck? If they want to leave me money, I’ll pick it up. Perps, leave more money on the ground for me. As to pennies, the pennies attract electricity. When I lived with my sister, she put pennies all over the place. At first, I couldn’t figure why she did it, until 1 day I picked up pennies and got a shock from the pennies.


    • The one reason I don’t want to pick up any money is that they might, in their twisted logic consider the little amount they leave for you as “payment” for “participating” in their gangstalking of you. Still, is it not worse to take govt payments to live on? I do that. I take the money they give me live all the time knowing that I am eating out of the hand that beats me. Talk about cognitive dissonance for a life.


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