“If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.”

I know it sounds strange, but, I would un-invent the computer and the computer age and everything that goes with it. I know I use a computer now, but I still remember the day when I heard our school campus had a “computer building” and a thrill of fear went through me.  I had this sudden fear computers were taking over the world and would control everybody and everything.  It was 1979.

Computers did take over our world.  Computers control everything and everybody unless you live in an African village 200 miles away from the nearest city. Computers are used to ruin targets lives and to spy on everything down to our very thoughts.  Even there, I hear in most small African towns the Internet Cafe downtown is the biggest attraction:  I’m saying small TRIBAL village as in huts with no running water.

If I had been a target 100 years ago I might have gotten away somewhere and started a new life, or, at least hid out in the woods.  Also, people had not been dumbed down to soul dead zombies then through television and all the rest of the putrid garbage that makes “culture” now.  I might still have had some people who would have stuck by me despite the evil shit bringers—back then it was the Ku Klux Klan and the Masons and later the Nazis who did this to people.  Policing was not nationalized (except 20th century and beyond) nor globalized so if a particular sheriff did not like you you could move elsewhere.  At the very least a person had their FAMILY and if they didn’t they could make a new family.

I particularly love when perps of color accuse me of racism out in public in front of everyone when they are working for the ones who hate them and burn crosses.  I caught one of the little buggers (he was white but) doing this to me once.  I worked with a man, a very eccentric defrocked priest, accused of u no what, who seemed fun to work with.  Every weekend I’d work the grill with him at a local fast food restaurant until close.  We’d have to work very fast and close together to get all the food out.

One day, months after I quit the job, I heard this voice at the local library.  It was the pedo priest, my former co worker, telling this Asian couple to avoid me, that I hated Communism, asians, blah blah blah.  What Betrayal!  When I worked for him we did talk about politics and everything and laughed and had fun.  I don’t remember telling him I avoided Asians.  He kept screaming avoid her! don’t talk to her!  This was way back in the 1990s.  This man was the last person I would have tagged for a perp.  But, since then, I realize they can make everyone a perp from some kind of conditioning/threats/fake files, etc…even family.  I have seen skit after skit go down in public where people of color will “start something” with me when I wasn’t looking at anyone to “prove” to the “audience” around them I am a terrible bigot/’racist, etc…My neighbor’s mentally ill perp son turned his parents against me by telling them I hated his race and now they and all the other neighbors of his race avoid me like poison.

That post is waaay off track.  The computer has done many wonderful things for people in health care, education, mass transit, etc…but for ti’s, the computer has been their worst enemy from the start–at least the evil people who utilize them to their own sinister ends.


2 thoughts on ““If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.”

  1. I have the same problem with Asians and people of color. I must admit I’ve said some nasty things about them. The majority who harass me are Asians, blacks, Hispanics. Some Asian woman was annoying me about 4 days ago and I called her a not so sweet name. Next thing I know, I’m hearing I hate Asians.


    • They have been playing the “race” card on me lately I think since a lot of their other harassment has fallen flat. When a method starts failing they look for another one. I dare say people of ahem other races enjoy the perping thing a little overmuch. It’s like they can get revenge on “whitey” by picking on the ones that are already down instead of bringing the fallen up. I am not “guilty” of all the “white guilt” that goes around with so many whites today. Treat me well, you get treated well. Treat me bad, I treat you bad. I am not here to make up for the mistreatment your race/ethnicity has gotten over the years nor are you here to make up for the mistreatment MY race/ethnicity has gotten over the years. All this race against race crap they do on me is just divide and conquer anyway. Basic Cointelpro stuff.


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