You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

I would become self sufficient. I would learn to grow my own food, keep livestock, etc….I would build a home that did not have to be attached to the energy grid. This land would be in a very remote area so any and all perps would stand out like a sore thumb. The only people that would be able to come on my land would be those invited there not the demonic vampires that roam the streets and alleys outside the house here. I would set man traps to catch anything human that snuck onto my land.

I used to have an altruistic dream of opening a school for unhappy young women to learn to make their way in the world without falling into the trap of hospitals/shrinks/the government/pills, etc. I would have provided a safety net before these young women fell thru the cracks and lived the life they did NOT dream of.

Later, I had a dream of a ti only shelter but ti’s turn or are fake to begin with and my trust went to zero about 4 or 5 years ago. If I had superpowers of discernment, maybe.

If the land was in the mountains I hope it would be somewhere very inaccessible and that it was so hard to find you could only find it if I WILLED you to find it or INVITED you there, but that is getting into the realm of magic and I can’t even think to go there. In a nutshell, there would be a invisible fence around the land and surrounding areas that strangers, especially perps, could not get on. It would not be found by GPS, helis, snowmobiles, perp hikers, etc. The land “would not exist” for them. The only land I know that has all those attributes is Heaven.


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