“Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might.”

I most would see my life as a series of lost opportunities, broken relationships and tragedies.  My adventures have been few as I have been pretty much confined to the city I was born in my whole life.  The travelling I have done I did mostly before the targetting started.  The only “interesting” parts would be the times I ran away from home hitchiking all over the country and even finding a job, once.  Most of that, was pretty banal, even.  I narrowly escaped what was probably a rapist on the run from home once and I escaped the State Hospital on pass once by slipping thru a window.  I watched a home 2 doors down get struck by lightning when I lived at home.  I was homeless for awhile, also banal, no big adventures.  I spent part of the Fourth of July with a hermaphrodite who told me his experience with the police one year when I was stuck out all night without a bus.  I spent one long day getting 2 bucks for a bunch of cans to be waylaid for hours by a stalled train…zzzz  I was arrested and booked as a runaway as a teen.  I’ve had dozens of angry “encounters” with perps setting me up swearing they are going to kick my ass blah blah blah…do not touch the ti.

Most people think evil is exciting but it is very banal.  I wonder what adventures and joys I would have had if I had not been “chosen” as a target.


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