“When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?”

I can’t remember. I never got many compliments from my parents and I really cannot remember anyone saying they were proud of me in recent or even semi recent memory except someone who is really a perp said they were proud of me for something but that one does not count as perps disqualify as real people in my book.

Being a gangstalking target involves a lot of shame. Perps will fill you with shitloads of shame for things you did and did not do. After awhile they will make you feel dirty ugly and stupid and beyond redemption. If they cannot break you that way they will find another way. I think some ti’s switch because the sense of feeling worthless and horrible is too much for their ego.

Either I have a huge ego or cannot see myself giving up my soul for eternity–I have not switched. I have asked God to take me before I would switch to perp or blaspheme the Holy Spirit.


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