The End is Near?



So, the Pope quit?  I have been reading here and there all week trying to make sense of it.  Some say he’s sick and that the Vatican has been planning for his retirement since last fall by building him his own nursing home right on the grounds of the Vatican. He broke his wrist a few years ago, he bumped his head in Mexico, and had his pacemaker battery replaced.  (Never stopped Cheney). Others say the ugly scandals of the recent past are coming back to haunt him, that he helped cover up the massive priest child abuse scandal.  I found an article that says the Pope is about to be arrested.

Others say the Butler did it when he stole the Pope’s papers and is blackmailing the Pope with a bombshell.  If he stays on in Vatican City he will likely choose his successor and be more likely to control him better???

I thought Popes had to keep their jobs until they died in office.  Is this the End?  Is the Pope’s successor the antichrist?

The world did not end when they turned the CERN machine on, so maybe NOW the world gets to end….12/21/12 is long gone….DOES the world get to end?  Christ said He would come like a thief in the night and no one could predict exactly when He would come.  All the “warning signs” of Matthew 24 are there but people have been saying this old world has been decompensating since the time of John.

Keep your lamps filled.


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