About my family….

It is strange that my family kept interacting with me even after targetting began UNTIL I found out I was a target myself (2005) and then I was cut off.  I knew something was wrong with my family but merely thought we were dysfunctional.  I always felt my parents especially were HIDING something from me even as a child…that they knew where my “problems” making friends came from but refused to talk about it and got angry when I brought it up.  It seemed as I lived in a house of secrets.  I would run to my room and escape into a fantasy world fueled by Heavy Metal music.

How sad, I wonder how much money it took or what lies had to be told about me to get the folks to betray me.  I remember my father having big troubles at work right around the time my overt targetting started and also my sister became ill and he could not afford the hospital bills.  So, in my very vague accounting…I can ascertain I was “worth” between 25 and 50 thousand dollars.  Cheap.

I am glad God thinks we are all priceless.


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